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Studied version : 2.2.13 Website : http://redis.io Distributed by : Enterprise (VMware) Licence : License1 Technology : C/C++ Year of creation : 2009

Redis is a key-value data warehouse from the NoSQL movement. The project is sponsored by VMware. It was first published in 2009, by Salvatore Sanfilippo and Pieter Noordhuis.

Like most key-value data stores, Redis offers a HTTP REST interface. Its originality in relation to other available solutions lies in the fact that Redis includes a set of data manipulation functions that are primarily orientated toward handling stored character strings, giving Redis the capacity to build queries that are slightly more complex than its competitors, traditionally limited to CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) operations. The strong performance of Redis in both read and write modes positions it as an excellent choice for the implementation of cache back ends and session managers. The solution's popularity has increased of late and the product can now be used in some of the most popular open source solutions like Magento and Drupal. The database's persistence makes it an excellent alternative to Memcached which, although it boasts high performance levels, does not provide for data security or service continuity in the event of a failure (a key criterion for e-commerce solutions in particular).

Redis is distributed under the BSD License.

It is written in C.


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FR Florian Bury
Rate this solution the 26/04/2016

“ Redis me semble être assez fonctionnel pour couvrir pas mal de cas d'utilisations autres que la pure gestion de cache. Même si il est assez peu connu compar à d'autres GSGBD, il comporte néanmoins pas mal de ressources et un plutôt bonne dynamique. Il me semble idéal pour un système de cache et est très simple à mettre en place. ”


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