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TYPO3 Neos

TYPO3 Neos
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Studied version : 1.1 Website : http://neos.typo3.org/ Distributed by : community (Association TYPO3 – http://typo3.org ) Licence : GPL Technology : PHP Environments : Linux; Windows; Other; Mac OSX; Year of creation : 2013

Since the end of 2013 the TYPO3 community has offered a new approach for content management. Building on their acquired knowledge of the TYPO3 CMS system, a strong team was formed around Robert Lemke to craft a new solution offering modern ergonomic design capabilities, built on today’s latest technologies.

This solution, called Neos, was created to enhance the user experience. This concept extends into its appearence, placing the site in the center of the workspace. Content editing has been simplified, ready at any given moment with a single click, just two clicks to publish it. Thanks to this simplification, site contributors no longer need training to understand the system. Users quickly grasp the concept guided by the system’s  intuitivity. Also just a click away is a responsive site preview feature, access to SEO metadata and media libraries.

Neos is built on today’s most advanced PHP framework,called « Flow. » This allows Neos to perform as a scalable CMS, able to integrate custom developments and existing bricks through Composer. Through a stong abstraction, developers can overcome low level concerns (security, server compatibility, deployment, etc) to focus on the essential element : building your system.

TYPO3 Neos is 100% community driven and published under the GPL license.

TYPO3 is written in PHP, using a MySQL database.  

TYPO3 Neos est écrit en PHP et utilise une base de données MySQL.


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TYPO3 Neos fournit une alternative crédible par rapport aux autres CMS existants. Il répond parfaitement aux besoins multi-formats d'un site web d'aujourd'hui et offre une simplicité d'utilisation à même de ravir les plus exigeants.

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