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Studied version : 1.1.0 Website : http://sparkleshare.org/ - Google Pagerank : 6 Distributed by : Enterprise (SparkleShare Ltd) Licence : GPL Technologies : Other; C# Year of creation : 2010

The first version of this solution was released in 2010 by some members of the Git Hub community from which the product is issued.

Its use, in our opinion, is for professionals because its wealth, like  Owncloud, provides useful features for a collaborative workspace.This open source tool, despite its small community and few references, is one of the most mature in its category.

SparkleShare has a Web interface for everyone that can be customised to view a summary of user activity.

It has a version tracking, encryption of documents ... and also multiple edition tracking, a feature of comments posted on the documents, so it is a tool for collaborative cloud and social documentary.


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