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Fusion Inventory

Fusion Inventory
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Fusion Inventory was created as a spin-off to the OCS Inventory project (see above) by changing the latter's operating architecture: the central server, which collects the inventory data transmitted by agents deployed on workstations, has been eliminated, with that function being performed directly by GLPI. Fusion Inventory breaks down into two components: the plug-in that integrates with GLPI and the agents deployed on the workstations.

This gives Fusion Inventory significant advantages over OCS: everything is centralised in GLPI, so there can be no latency or synchronisation problems with the inventory server. The ability to force the immediate transmission of a workstation's inventory is another of this product's strong qualities.

Fusion Inventory is, however, a more recent project and does not have functions as advanced as those in OCS Inventory, particularly in respect of remote roll-outs.


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“ Il suffit d'un plugin côté serveur (GLPI) et un agent sur les postes clients. Quelques paramètres de base (HTTP ou HTTPs, mot de passe...) et surtout l'URL du serveur sur lequel l'agent vient déverser toutes les informations récupérées sur les postes. Inventaire matériel ou logiciel, déploiement, configuration des postes (Réseaux, OS...) mémoire et disques dispo... Très, très performant. http://www.microsystem.free.fr ”

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