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Piwik is the successor to phpMyVisites. Under the direction of Matthieu Aubry, Piwik’s objective is to become a preferred alternative to Google Analytics. This goal has now been achieved thanks to a very active community. And the major technical advances brought online in the late 2013 with the new 2.0 version.

The challenge is still there, but it must be said that the solution's beginnings appear promising.

In just a few clicks, users can access graphs of the most recent visits and all of the key indicators tracked on a daily/weekly/monthly/annual basis. Naturally, the interface is completely customisable. Other views include visit durations, visitor browsers, visitor countries/regions, a list of keywords used in search engines, a list of external sites and campaigns, search engine rankings, a distribution of visits by time zone, objectives tracking, geographic distribution and more. 

But additional, more professional functionalities have also appeared in recent months: e-commerce tracking, personalised variables, internal search engine tracking, page transitions, visitor logs etc. As a result, the tool has been adopted on a very large scale (more than 1,000,000 websites, in 150 languages).

It is distributed under the GPL v3 and has been translated into more than 40 languages.

Piwik is built on LAMP architecture and boasts a system of plug-ins (marketplace), an API and an interface that is very user-friendly thanks to its use of Ajax (Twig for the new system of templating).

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FR Cédric Charrier
Rate this solution the 13/09/2013

“ Bonjour, j'utilise Piwik depuis janvier en entreprise pour avoir des stats poussées, et de pouvoir garder mes données!! C'est intéressant de voir ces stats en temps réel de voir où les gens navigue sur son site par exemple. paramétrable, souvent mis à jour, très stable!, très bon outil ! ”

FR Patrick Gaumond
Rate this solution the 12/09/2013

“ Un outil solide pour qui désire conserver ses statistiques privées au lieu de les donner à Google. Avec 1.6 millions de pages vues en quelques mois, c'est un outil qui correspond aux besoins usuels attendus. La géolocalisation et la mise en oeuvre en font un produit simple à supporter. Les programmeurs sont accessibles et présent sur les forums pour faciliter la prise en charge. ”

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FR Eric J
Rate this solution the 12/09/2013
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