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jBPM is developed by a community with the support of JBoss. As the benchmark for open source BPM in recent years, many software companies have integrated jBPM with their solutions. The product does currently suffer from a lack of community dynamics. The latest version is promising though, and the product remains a key technical BPM brick for projects, particularly in open source environments. 

jBPM is an excellent BPM engine, being both powerful and lightweight. Version 5 has been announced as BPMN 2.0 compatible. When used as a software brick, it is easy to configure and enjoys a comprehensive API. Eclipse (developer) and web (functional user) interfaces enable graphical workflow management, but suffer from a degree of immaturity that makes them unsuited to management by non-technical users. In addition, the web interface is only available via Drools (a rule engine), which cancels out the tool’s chief advantage, its simplicity.
jBPM is published under the LGPL and is developed in Java.


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