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Ruby On Rails

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Studied version : 4.0.2 Website : http://rubyonrails.org Distributed by : community Licence : MIT Technology : Ruby Year of creation : 2004

Ruby on Rails is a web framework. The first version, written by David Heinemeier Hansson, was released in 2004.

The Ruby on Rails framework is characterised by the concept of Don't Repeat Yourself, in the name of which it supplies a number of code and interface generators (scaffolding). These generators mean the developer does not have to perform the operations over again or recode similar standard functionalities. In the same spirit, the classic lower layers (security, database access, HTTP management and Ajax calls) are integrated with the framework and allow the developer to concentrate on the business logic rather than the technical aspects. One of RoR’s success stories has been Twitter, even if some parts (not linked to the front office) have been rewritten in Scala following load bearing issues with the Ruby interpreter.

Ruby on Rails is developed in Ruby and distributed under the MIT License.


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“ The community behind rails is huge. It is very easy to bring new features by building our own gem. Rails is highly dynamic, and relies on ruby, that is a very modern and comfortable language. ”

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