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Studied version : 5 Website : http://www.kaltura.org/ Distributed by : Enterprise (Kaltura) Licenses : Autre commerciale ; Other open source license Technology : PHP Year of creation : 2006

Kaltura is a solution focused on the distribution of audiovisual streams. It is supported by an eponymous company founded in 2005, in New York.

The options offered by Kaltura allow a thorough management of audiovisual collections and quality distribution. Including chaptering media, the application of transcoding profiles, creating QR codes, customising the reading mode... It is available in both Flash and HTML5. However, this solution does not allow in depth image management, and is only of interest for audiovisual data.
The various elements of Kaltura can be downloaded and used independently. For example, the reader can be used in another context, as a consultation platform that can create its own "Youtube".

Kaltura is a software developed in PHP. An API is open and documented. The solution is available in Community, Enterprise and SaaS.


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Download url http://www.kaltura.org/project/kalturaCE
Ohloh page https://www.openhub.net/p/kaltura-ce

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