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Play !

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Studied version : 2.2.1 Website : http://www.playframework.org Distributed by : Enterprise (Zenexity) Licence : License2 Technologies : Java; Python; Other Year of creation : 2007

Play! is a web-oriented Java framework created by Guillaume Bort in 2007.

The principle behind Play! is to reduce the Java development life cycle and to limit the complexity of applications often associated with Java projects. It therefore includes the transposition to Java of the main concepts used in frameworks like RoR, Django and Symfony: MVC, Convention over Configuration, Don’t Repeat Yourself, etc. Play! also has its own technical project manager, used to create CRUD interfaces, and its own application server (although it is also easy to deploy on a Tomcat server), which allows it, for example, to transparently reload the modified code on the fly.
Play! is distributed under the Apache License 2.0. Zenexity contributes to the project and performs product development and support.
Version 2 has been freed of Hibernate and uses libraries that are better suited to the (Ebean/Anorm) framework's stateless mode. It includes new form management capabilities and, above all, has separated from Groovy templating, using a Scala based engine instead.
Play! is written in Java and Scala, and the project manager in Python.


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FR Maxime Audrin
Rate this solution the 16/09/2013
FR Gerard cc
Rate this solution the 13/09/2013

“ Incroyablement efficace pour des développements rapides. La version 2 est un peu lourde par contre. Le plus intéressant: tout se recharge dynamiquement a la volée. Une modification dans un objet jpa sera prise en compte immédiatement, y compris par un update de la base de données. ”

FR Julien Denis
Rate this solution the 13/09/2013


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