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Studied version : 5.0.1 Website : http://owncloud.org/ - Google Pagerank : 7 Distributed by : Enterprise Licenses : Autre commerciale ; Other open source license ; AGPL Technologies : PHP; Javascript Year of creation : 2011

The ownCloud project was launched in January 2010 by Frank Karlitschek, a developer of the KDE project, to make users in control of their data in the cloud. OwnCloud is part of the KDE community.

It is now the best known and most widely used open source solution. The solution quickly proved itself and has found its users because it not only provides a local client synchronisation, a versioning system and an interface for users on the move, but it also offers an opportunity to store media files (music , video) with high performance requirements (while allowing direct visualisation in the browser).

It also offers several additional modules such as a collaborative agenda, a LDAP connector (etc). This solution is robust and has an active and vibrant community. The community version has all the features of the enterprise version. The tool is easy to use with simple but effective ergonomics.

However, it does not offer the possibility of editing documents online in the office suite. (To do this you must use the synchronisation client).


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Rate this solution the 06/03/2017

“ Nous avons eu de gros problèmes avec les synchronisations des documents via les clients lourds. Cette solution ne me semble pas stable de ce coté. A éviter à tout prix si vous souhaitez faire de la synchro locale et préférer largement les solutions à base de r-sync ”

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Rate this solution the 04/09/2015

“ Depuis la dernière mise à jour (8.1.1) il est possible d'éditer les documents en ligne avec le "module document". ”

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FR Fabrice L
Rate this solution the 14/11/2013

“ Nous utilisons cette solution depuis la version précédente pour répondre aux souhaits de nos utilisateurs d'avoir un outil aussi simple que dropbox et répondant à la contrainte de géolocalisation de données sensibles, entre autre : complètement satisfait. ”

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