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openCRX is an open source CRM solution chiefly designed for corporate use. It is currently developed and maintained by a small team of developers. The first version appeared in 2004 and has continued to improve since then.

openCRX provides a multitude of functionalities including multi-entity CRM for companies with elevated sales automation needs, customer service, case and groupware management, etc. The functionalities offered in these domains exceed those provided by other CRMs on the market (whether open source or not). That being said, it is missing a number of functionalities in other important aspects of the life cycle, such as marketing. The latest enhancements/developments for openCRX are in line with current trends in the CRM market, which favour sales team communication and collaboration tools that use technologies like instant messaging (XMPP support) which can automatically send out a tweet or email when a specific action is performed.
Some of the main developers work for companies that supply plug-ins and additional services, particularly CRIXP Corp., a German company. But openCRX itself is a purely community driven project. It is available under a BSD-style License.
openCRX is a JEE application that supports most relational databases including Oracle, DB2, MySQL and PostgreSQL.

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