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Studied version : 1.5.0 Website : http://www.kannel.org Distributed by : community Licence : Other open source license Technology : C/C++ Year of creation : 1998

Kannel was developed in 1998 by WAPit Ltd, a company that no longer exists today. The project is now managed by members of the Kannel Group, which includes major corporations.

Kannel is a carrier grade, open source SMS and WAP gateway that supports the standard SMSC protocols: UCP/EMI, SMPP, HTTP and CIMD. Kannel supplies a set of APIs that allow it to be used as a front end for middleware and web applications requiring outbound WAP or SMS messages. Included as an infrastructure brick, it provides secure access to operator resources while supplying reliable, robust SMS and WAP support.

Kannel is distributed under the Kannel Software License (based on the Apache License).

Kannel is written in C.


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