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Studied version : 1.10.7 Website : http://www.opennms.org - Google Pagerank : 6 Distributed by : Enterprise (OpenNMS group) Licence : GPL Technology : Java Year of creation : 1999

OpenNMS is to open source what HP OpenView and IBM Tivoli are to the proprietary world of network management.

From its creation in 1999, OpenNMS was designed to meet the demands of large companies in terms of scalability, automation and flexibility, thereby providing for out-of-the-box management of tens of thousands of resources. Its many functionalities include automated discovery and monitoring of equipment and services, data collection and processing (in SNMP, JMX, XML, nrpe and others), advanced management of active and passive events, alerts and notifications with escalation and an on-call schedule, report generation, network graphics and cards, supervision of user path simulations, multi-site compatibility (remote polling), etc.

OpenNMS is available under the GPL v3 and complies with FCAPS standards.

OpenNMS is developed in Java and is based on the Jetty web server and the PostgreSQL DBMS.


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