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Studied version : 1.8.4 Website : http://www.wireshark.org Distributed by : Foundation Licence : GPL Technology : C/C++ Environments : Linux; Windows; Mac OSX; Year of creation : 1998

Wireshark (formerly Ethereal, renamed for copyright reasons) is a network traffic analyser created in 1998.

It is used by numerous administrators to diagnose complex network problems. Available in the form of a large graphics application as well as a text mode interface, it can decode a very large number of protocols, including encrypted ones.

It is available under the GPL.

Wireshark is multi-platform, running on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris and FreeBSD. Wireshark recognises more than 700 network and application protocols.


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Tags packetcapture ethernet tcpip traffic lan tools windows linux monitoring analysis sniffer networking security protocol unix mac_os_x solaris sysadmin analyzer wifi wireless cmake traffic+analysis network packetfilter packet-analyzer
Download url http://www.wireshark.org/download.html
Ohloh page https://www.openhub.net/p/wireshark