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Openbravo is a Spanish solution based on Compiere's ERP (another open source product presented in this paper) and created in 2001. The project, initially called Tecnicia, went open source in 2005.

Openbravo forked all Compiere's business PL/SQL source code, as well as its entity manager, and transposed it to a web interface set up on a Java server. These interfaces are the product’s strong point, as they are perhaps the most attractive and most ergonomic on the market. Despite major fund-raising activities in 2005, the product’s dynamics are only moderate, particularly in terms of its client lists. Openbravo targets the ERP market for SMEs and has quite a large scope, although smaller than that of OpenERP.
Openbravo is published under the Openbravo Public License, based on the MPL (v1.1). The vendor is solid and capable of supplying professional level support.
Openbravo is based on web technologies including JEE and Ajax.


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FR Adri Gautier
Rate this solution the 11/08/2015
Rate this solution the 11/06/2014

“ "peut être les plus séduisantes et les plus ergonomiques" => mouaihhh... les gouts et les couleurs, ça se discute. Mais je trouve sur pas mal de points OB très anti ergonomique. Au niveau de la licence, celle-ci est particulière, faire bien attention = si on prend la version pro et qu'on installe des modules "free with version pro" => on est coincé à la version pro, ce ne sont pas des modules sous licence libre. Si on n'installe que des modules "OpenBravo Public Licence", pas de souci ”

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