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SuiteCRM is a fork or SugarCRM community edition, complemented with some extensions that add features comparable to the Professional offering of SugarCRM. The fork was made from SugarCRM 6.5 and the product is thinked to be compatible with SugarCRM community. The fork was started by SalesAgility, one the SugarCRM partners.

SuiteCRM brings all that SugarCRM 6.5 provided, plus already available community extensions that provide quotations, invoices, events, reporting, workflow and portal feature among others.

SuiteCRM is released under the GNU Affero Genewral Public License v3.


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FR Petr Z
Rate this solution the 08/02/2016

“ Proud of working on this solution, it has an important community, and a lot of capabilities! https://www.openhub.net/p/suitecrm ”

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FR Clement Frenchy
Rate this solution the 22/12/2015

“ Site de la communauté francophone: www.suitecrm-french.com ”

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EN Franco Hernandez
Rate this solution the 26/12/2014

“ SuiteCRM has answered all of our issues we found troubling with SugarCRM, namely the quasi-open source nature of Sugar. Where we were not comfortable investing in Sugarcrm due to a number of issues with it's licensing, suiteCRM allows us to fully commit and develop knowing we have a solid future. While like others there is the attraction of saving on fees, for us, it is all about 100% ownership of our code and control of our data. Too many commercial options do not let us keep what is ours. ”

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