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Studied version : 1.1.14 Website : http://www.yiiframework.com Licence : License1 Technology : PHP Year of creation : 2008


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EN Brad Stancel
Rate this solution the 24/05/2015

“ After spending quite amount of time analyzing different PHP frameworks, we found that Yii2 was one of the best. It is fast, easy to learn and laid out in an easily understandable MVC pattern. We have had no problem finding whatever libraries we need through composer making it very extensible. Having it integrated with Bootstrap 3 is key for good looking views on web or mobile and the Gii tool for auto-generation of models and controllers is a great time saver. ”

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Rate this solution the 17/04/2014

“ Un framework relativement jeune qui a su tirer des leçons des erreurs et lacunes de ses ainés. La communauté participe activement à la création de nouvelles extensions et de modules utiles et pratiques. Seul point assez négatif: la documentation et les tutoriaux qui demandent à s'étoffer. ”

FR Kevin W
Rate this solution the 13/09/2013


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Tags oop phpframework web model_view_controller php framework mvc php5
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