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PhoneGap/Cordova is a tool used to create multi-platform mobile applications that adhere to web standards. PhoneGap is developed by Adobe, which acquired the company Nitobi, the solution's original developer. The project's source code was given to the Apache Foundation, allowing it to remain open source and changing the name to Cordova.

Applications produced using PhoneGap are web technology based applications using HTML5, CSS 3 and JavaScript. They are packaged by the tool so that they can be launched by the target smartphone's or tablet's native browser engine. PhoneGap also offers a JavaScript API that can call up, identically across target platforms, the smartphone’s advanced functionalities (GPS, accelerometer, video camera, etc.).

PhoneGap core is entirely modular since 3.0.0 version. It's now possible to only activate the core modules that are required by the application, lightening and optimizing it.
Besides, PhoneGap functionalities can be enhanced by adding new modules among a growing list: Twitter, Barcode Scanner, NFC, etc.
Module addition has been simplified to a simple command line execution.

PhoneGap is distributed under the Apache License 2.

PhoneGap supports a lot of platforms including iOS, Android, BlackBerry 10 (and 6), Windows Phone 7 and 8, Windows 8, Tizen, WebOS and Symbian. It makes PhoneGap a complete and technically relevant solution for the development of multi-platform mobile applications. Moreover, Adobe runs the PhoneGap Build service allowing to generates applications online, freeing from having to install SDKs.

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EN bucolic buffet
Rate this solution the 01/07/2014

“ barcode scanner integration with java spring http://www.keepdynamic.com/java-barcode-reader/ ”

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FR Maxime Bernard
Rate this solution the 20/08/2013

“ Un bon outil pour encapsuler vos webapps dans une véritable application mobile et un bon moyen de réduire vos couts de développement. ”

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FR Mickael Brard
Rate this solution the 20/08/2013

“ Sans doute LE framework web le plus utilisé et complet. Il a été choisi par de nombreuses structures qui semblent donc avoir "misé" dessus... au cas où le web finissait bel et bien par reprendre le pouvoir sur mobile... ”

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