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Released in December 2006, Thelia is a tool for creating eCommerce websites. It is supported by a French company named OpenStudio, which publishes it under a GPL licence.

With its modular structure and ease of deployment, Thelia is today used by more than 7000 websites and has no less than 300 extensions on its marketplace.

We are expecting Thelia 2 to be available by the end of 2013 and we are looking forward to the release of its beta version in the next few weeks. The current stable version is 1.5.4.

The technical architecture of Thelia 2 has been completely redesigned:

  • Use of Symfony 2 components
  • Integration of unit testing
  • Internationalisation of the code
  • Development of REST API
  • Integration of Propel ORM 2
  • Setup of a CSS pre-processor to use less or sass.

Regarding the new features, we’ll find:

  • Multiple category/product relationship
  • Extension/module installer
  • Tax management system
  • Advanced statistics...

Thelia 2’s back office has been rethought to be more ergonomic and functionally richer. It will be using Smarty 3, the current templating engine, which will be combined with Bootstrap 3 and used for both back office and front office rendering.

Thelia’s community is very active and in constant growth.

Github: https://github.com/thelia/thelia


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EN Franck Allimant
Rate this solution the 25/07/2014

“ Utilisateur de la solution Thelia depuis 2009, j'apprécie tous les jours sa souplesse et son adaptabilité. La version 2 apporte une grande qualité de code et une infrastructure au top des technologies web. ”

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Rate this solution the 14/05/2014

“ Ce qui fait la grand force de thelia, c'est sa simplicité, autant que pour la mise en place, sur le développement de module, ainsi que sur son moteur de template innovant. J'utilise et j'adore l'utilisé. ”

11 persons have the same opinion
FR Frederic Alamba
Rate this solution the 03/01/2014

“ J'utilise thelia déjà depuis quelque années. Sa principale qualité c'est la souplesse pour réaliser un site sur mesure. ”

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