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Studied version : 10.0.1 Website : http://forgerock.com/openam.html Distributed by : Enterprise (ForgeRock) Licence : CDDL Technology : Java

OpenAM is a complete identity management solution. After Sun’s decision to stop developing OpenSSO, ForgeRock initiated a fork called OpenAM that it has continued to develop and maintain ever since. The company announced that it was going to pursue the release of new versions of OpenAM by following the original Sun Microsystems roadmap.

OpenAM is an infrastructure brick that transparently performs Single Sign On functions for both web applications and middleware.  OpenAM provides a solution that allows for simplified roll-outs of web access rights management projects: the universal gateway.
OpenAM is distributed under the CDDL (Common Development and Distribution License, an open source licence created by Sun Microsystems and based on the Mozilla Public License, version 1.1).
OpenAM is developed in Java.


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“ Tres bonne solution, tres complete et qui evolue avec les derniers standards du moment. ”

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