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Studied version : 4.3 Website : www.southpawtech.com - Google Pagerank : 3 Licence : Eclipse EPL Technology : Python Environments : Linux; Windows; Mac OSX; Year of creation : 2005

Southpaw was founded in 2005 by Gary Mundell and Remko Noteboom, two veterans of the computer graphics industry. Their business sprung from the founders’ extensive experience developing software solutions and production pipelines for the Media and Entertainment market.

All of Southpaw Technology’s products are built on the open source TACTIC platform and thus require the Eclipse Public License. Otherwise, no other certifications, licenses or regulatory approvals are required.

Southpaw Technology also sells custom software applications directly to end customers. All products are available both as On-Premise and Cloud-Hosted solutions. On-Premise products are packaged as plugins that are available to clients as simple updates. For complex deployments, Southpaw Technology offers training, education and professional services to ensure the successful adoption of their software by clients. Cloud products are provided as multi-tenant SaaS applications hosted on Amazon Web Services.

Southpaw Technology is the leading Open Source developer of TACTIC, a digital asset management (DAM) technology for the pharmaceutical, medical imaging, healthcare, defense contracting, digital entertainment, and aerospace industries. TACTIC makes managing huge volumes of digital assets easy. It provides organizations of any size with all of the tools and technologies they need to securely store, organize, search, version, tag, track, and share digital content. And with customizable HTML5 themes, organizations can interact with data in the manner that suits them best.

TACTIC was built to perform in highly complex infrastructures. Its APIs and Expression Language allow developers to mine digital data from multiple databases and file systems, whether they’re brand new or a decade old, such as; MySQL, Oracle, SQLite, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server.

TACTIC is open source and distributed under the Eclipse Public Licence. The source code can be found on GitHub: https://github.com/Southpaw-TACTIC/TACTIC 

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