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Spring is a portfolio of tools and libraries. It offers a complete stack as a sort of alternative to the standard Java EE stack.

Spring is built on a lightweight container, which allows it to manage dependencies between the objects forming the application. One of the portfolio’s many components can then be used on top of this lightweight container. The main components are Spring MVC, Spring ORM and Spring AOP. Spring MVC is an annotation based, full REST MVC framework. The classes that respond to user actions are annotated to indicate the method that should be used and the view that should be served. Spring ORM is a data access abstraction library. It provides an abstraction for the usual persistence frameworks like Hibernate, JDO and EclipseLink. Spring AOP is an aspect oriented programming framework. More simplistic that AspectJ, Spring AOP nonetheless offers the usual AOP tools with different types of grafts and different ways of expressing pointcuts.
Spring is also used to load the application's various configurations, for transaction management and for a whole series of utility tools, making the tool a must in the Java ecosystem. Spring is distributed under the Apache License.


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FR MariusMarius MATEI
Rate this solution the 05/08/2016

“ Un framework technique complet. Cependant il ne propose aucune approche de cadrage du code métier ou de solution sur la partie User Interface. Il vous rend vendor locked des solutions Pivotal. ”


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