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JasperSoft BI is the Business Intelligence platform from JasperSoft, the company that also develops the reporting engine JasperReports available since 2001. This platform delivers reporting and analytical functionalities.

The community edition offers enterprise reporting. The design and generation is done through the new JasperSoft Studio (or Ireport) and can be published on the JasperServer web-portal

The commercial edition of JasperSoft BI (Professional edition) delivers an extra metadata and technical layer on top of the database called business domains. This layer is mainly used to mask the technical complexity from the SQL database but can be also be used to define a business lexicon and access rights at a data-level.Based on these domains, the end user can create his or her own ad-hoc reports (listings, cross-tabs, graphics) through a user-friendly web interface.

The reports are highly interractive and can be easily customized by the end-user : changing the graphic type or sorting can be done on the fly. The user can also create dashboards to regroup multiple reports/analysis on a single page.

The Enterprise edition alows the end-user to create analytic reports based on OLAP technologies : Mondrian, Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services. The latest release from JasperSoft BI separates the presentation of reports and the data-access. This makes it possible to work on the layout of existing reports online : removing columns, renaming fields, formatting, adding calculated fields and new filters are just a few examples of the possibilites offered by this new release.

JasperServer comes in community edition (under GPL) and commercial edition.


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Rate this solution the 13/09/2013

“ idem que Pentaho et la version freemium, il n'y a pas la gestion des droits. ”

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FR sylvain decloix
Rate this solution the 12/09/2013

“ JasperSoft est sans aucun doute la meilleure solution de reporting open source ! La qualité du moteur de reporting (JasperReports), du designer de rapports (iReport) et du serveur décisionnel (JasperServer) permettent d'aborder sans complexe la thématique "reporting" Par contre, la réalisation de dashboards web ou la fourniture de domaines d'analyses Ad Hoc nécessite d'employer la version commerciale. A noter l'excellente technicité de la plate-forme et la qualité de la documentation ”

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