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Studied version : 0.9.5 Website : http://sourceforge.net/projects/easyca Distributed by : community Licence : GPL Technology : Other Year of creation : 2005

easyCA can manage small scale PKIs very quickly and simply.  It was developed by Ferry Kemps in 2005.

It departs almost entirely from the relative complexity of OpenSSL, enabling the very fast creation of certification authorities and client certificates. It can also manage revocations and offers export options for back-ups.
Covered by the GPL, its development seems to have been broken off at present. Nonetheless, the basic script has been adopted by many independent projects and has been supplemented with new functionalities (OCSP, etc.).
easyCA is written in Bash and requires no dependencies other than OpenSSL. It is easy to edit and personalise to meet the needs of most system administrators.


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