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Studied version : 5.5.9 Website : http://fr.bonitasoft.com Distributed by : Enterprise (BonitaSoft) Licenses : GPL ; Autre commerciale Technology : Java Year of creation : 2000

First developed by Bull in the early 2000s, the product has been driven by the open source vendor BonitaSoft since 2009.

Bonita offers an extremely user-friendly graphic process modeller that makes it possible to deploy simple BPM applications (e.g. the publication of leave request forms on an Intranet site) in just a few clicks. The forms are automatically generated by the solution or can be configured in advance. Access to and processing of pending requests are intuitive, thanks to the “user XP” interface, which is very similar to a mail client. But Bonita’s real strength lies in its system of connectors, available in their default form or custom developed.
A community edition of Bonita is available under the GPL v2. The SP (Subscription Pack) edition is subject to subscription and comes with additional functionalities, as well as support.
Bonita is developed in JEE, the language also used to develop new connectors. Some advanced configurations are done in Groovy.


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Rate this solution the 17/04/2015

“ Couplé à la solution eXo Platform ... La solution idéale pour créer un environnement complet de gestion de processus métier au sein de l'entreprise ”

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FR Fetchouang HENRI MILL
Rate this solution the 17/01/2014

“ quelques heures de lectures seulement m'ont permis creer mon premier formulaire de demande de conges.... bravo ”

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lines of code 2080210 lines
Programming Languages Java, HTML, XML, 16 Other
Tags workflow j2ee bpm
Download url http://www.bonitasoft.com/products/downloads.php
Ohloh page https://www.openhub.net/p/bos

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