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Pentaho Data Integration

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Pentaho Data Integration (PDI), formerly known as kettle,is an open source ETL tool used to design and execute data manipulation and transformation operations. At the time when these lines were written, the latest available version of Pentaho Data Integration was 5.0.

Thanks to a step based graphical model, data import/export jobs can be created without additional programming, along with various transformation operations like conversions, joins, filtering and even the execution of JavaScript functions.Pentaho includes a large set of database connectors, allowing read or write operations on various databases and file formats.

Pentaho, in its enterprise edition, provides a scheduling tool, allowing to plan job executions. A commercial module, Agile BI, provides a graphical view of data transformation results that can come in handy in the early stages of development. PDI is a comprehensive tool with advanced functionalities like the clustering of ETL processes. Unlike many of the competitors'products, these functionalities are available in the open source edition of PDI.

A GPL edition of PDI is available; the Agile BI module is distributed under a commercial licence.


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FR john smith
Rate this solution the 27/11/2014

“ I am using Pentaho kettle for more then 6 years and i think its a great tool. its gives you dozens of steps that you can combine to transformation and jobs. you can acomplish complex task of extract transfer and load , from various sources like files , web services, databases, big data , hadoop and more. so for me its one of the best if you want to learn more about it , i took a course that called <a href="http://pentahokettletutorial.com">pentaho kettle tutorial</a> you can start there ”

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Rate this solution the 14/11/2013

“ Je l'utilise depuis des années en production (depuis la version 3) PDI est un ETL facile à prendre en main et particulièrement bien adapté à la modélisation dimensionnelle. J'en suis extrêmement satisfait. ”

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FR Laury Girondin
Rate this solution the 12/09/2013

“ Kettle is really a great integration tool with a large panel of features (multithreading,partitioning, ...). Thanks to its "line by line" process, it allows some interesting tricks as well. Furthermore, contrary to its open source rivals the gap between the enterprise and the community edition is not that big. However, PDI needs to improve its user interface and team work features to widen its users scope. ”

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