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Studied version : 1.8 Website : http://www.magentocommerce.com Distributed by : Enterprise (Magento Inc) Licenses : Other open source license ; Autre commerciale Technology : PHP Year of creation : 2007

Beginning with its first beta versions in 2007, this tool, driven by US based Magento Inc. (formerly Varien), generated tremendous buzz worldwide, which allowed it to bring together an extremely active community in record time.

Magento's great strength lies in its superior modularity and its robustness. It was clearly devised to support ambitious, large scale merchant sites with functionalities like advanced categorisation, the definition of product groups, management of configurable products, cross-selling and up-selling functions, a powerful promotional engine, multi-shop management, advanced currency and VAT rate management, etc.
Initially distributed exclusively under the OSL, Magento's gamble paid off upon its release, capturing a large share of the market. In April 2009, Magento announced the release of an Enterprise edition. In return for an annual fee, this version provides a number of additional functionalities and a support contract.
The solution is based on the Zend PHP framework and boasts many innovations in terms of participatory functionalities.


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Rate this solution the 17/12/2013
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FR Raphael Colboc
Rate this solution the 10/10/2013

“ Magento est complexe mais propose un paquet de fonctionnalités intéressantes pour le e-commercant. Reposant sur le solide framework Zend, Magento est pour moi une source d'inspiration technique; son architecture modulaire MVC, sa base de donnée en EAV, sa gestion des "layout", ses "observer", son système de "dataflow" ... en fait une plateforme extensible à souhait. On peut tout simplement TOUT faire à condition d'y mettre les ressources techniques adéquates. En un mot : Génial ! ”

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Rate this solution the 12/09/2013

“ Magento est une plateforme e-commerce riche et complexe. Son gros point fort est l'extensibilité de la solution, l’architecture est penser pour rendre tout extensible et surchargeable. Mais il faut une grosse compétence technique pour étendre et personnaliser la solution. Et il faut des serveurs solides pour faire tourner l'ensemble. L’administration de la boutique n'est pas un modèle d'ergonomie ni un modèle de simplicité. ”

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