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Nagios (formerly NetSaint) is a network supervision application created in 1999 by Ethan Galstad. It is considered to be the benchmark for open source supervision solutions.

Nagios includes a multitude of functionalities such as multiple legacy management, dependencies, escalation notices, service and host templates, active and passive monitoring support and more. This makes it a very comprehensive tool that can adapt to any type of use, with extremely advanced configuration options.

Its modularity and the strong community revolving around Nagios (250,000+ members participating in the development of numerous plug-ins and add-ons) offer supervision possibilities that now make it possible supervise almost any resource whatsoever.

The plug-ins are written in the programming language best suited to their task: shell scripts (Bash, ksh, etc.), C++, Perl, Python, Ruby, PHP, C#, etc.


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FR Victoria San
Rate this solution the 29/01/2015

“ Nagios est pour moi un excellent outil, il permet de mettre en œuvre n'importe quel projet de supervision grâce à ses diverses ressources disponible. ”

FR Mohammed L
Rate this solution the 13/11/2013
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