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Blue Mind

Blue Mind
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Blue Mind is a complete corporate messaging, calendar and collaborative work solution, the youngest of all the collaborative messaging solutions described in this guide. Available since 2012, it was, first and foremost, conceived to only display key functions on-screen, maintaining a clean, modern appearance. Users and administrators can then access more elaborate functions and more ad hoc ones, as needed. For Thunderbird and Outlook, Blue Mind also provides connectors for the synchronisation of contacts and calendars (or calendar access in Thunderbird).

The solution was built on a primary database, and the main technical foundations used by Blue Mind are all up-to-date with the latest technologies. In this way, the solution comes standard with offline webmail management, mobile devices and a complete, accessible SOAP API that can be used to develop functional interfaces. The rest of the solution is based on existing open source software: Postfix, Cyrus IMAP, Roundcube, Apache, Tomcat, nginx, HornetQ and PostgreSQL. Overall, Blue Mind currently offers a young, aesthetically pleasing, smart, no frills product that is easy to use and administrate. It will be able to meet most of a company's basic collaborative needs.

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FR Geoffrey guillon
Rate this solution the 06/02/2017

“ Produit de bonne qualité c'est certain. Cependant BlueMind a adopté le modèle économique de la majorité des "Groupware" de son type, c'est a dire, un modèle de support payant, avec upgrade/backup&restore sous condition de souscription auprès de BlueMind. C'est assez triste quand on parle d'OpenSource. ”

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FR visith viraphong
Rate this solution the 26/01/2016

“ Produit qui mérite d'être plus mise en avant pour la facilité d'administration. ”

2 persons have the same opinion
Rate this solution the 19/01/2016

“ Merci à Blue Mind pour avoir mis en valeur l’Open source en France au travers un outil de messagerie aboutie et fonctionnel. Certes le produit comporte encore des fonctionnalités absentes et perfectibles, mais le support ainsi que la communauté des développeurs permettent une crédibilité face à ces concurrents historique du monde libre. Enfin une alternative sérieuse en face du couple Outlook/Exchange ! ”

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