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OpenStack, initially developed by Rackspace and NASA, offers an open source software package under the Apache License.

This package can be used to configure and utilise the calculation and storage portions of an IaaS cloud. Historically, Rackspace contributed to OpenStack's storage technology while the calculation segment was developed by NASA. OpenStack now has a foundation named OpenStack Consortium, which counts more than 150 member enterprises, including Canonical, Dell and Citrix.

OpenStack is not just a virtualisation tool: it is a complete cloud computing solution. The project includes a series of software applications that can manage calculation resources, decentralised storage and redundancy for all of its components. It also provides usage metrics, a service that manages snapshots of instances and a service that identifies and authenticates users, projects and, lastly, services. The solution's architecture is designed to be highly modular, with extremely detailed configuration and assembly, according to each organisation's needs.


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Rate this solution the 30/04/2014

“ Un bon projet IAAS libre. Une bonne notoriété. J'aime bien la stabilité de la version Icehouse. Son déploiement est beaucoup amélioré avec les logiciels Fuel de Mirantis ou Maas-juju d'ubuntu... Le big-data est bien introduit avec le projet SAHARA ex-savana pour le déploiement de Hadoop directement avec openstack sans passer par une distribution gnu/linux comme Cloudera ( qui n'a rien à avoir avec l'ancienne distribution gnu/linux CALDERA :-) ) ... J'aime beaucoup. ”

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FR Mohammed L
Rate this solution the 13/11/2013
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