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WordPress was created in 2003 as a fork of the software solution, b2. Developed primarily by Matt Mullenweg, WordPress has experienced growing success over the years and is now supported by a sizeable community.

WordPress is an extremely complete and rich blogging tool, which also allows it to be used to build websites. It is one of the most advanced blog tools there are. The product's roadmap is very dynamic, with new versions released roughly every six months. Version 3, released in June 2010, saw the merger of WordPress and WordPress MU, providing for native integration of multi-blog management. More and more companies are using WordPress as their CMS, over and above its initial blogging capabilities. It is true that, with its fundamentals and the richness of its modules (more than 18,000 listed), WordPress is a real alternative to "classic" CMSs. The latest versions are orientated toward mobility and ever-increasing simplicity (new drag and drop multimedia library, theme editing, etc.), new back-office design (3.8). Additionally, Twitter – like Slideshare and Instagram – can now be integrated with posts (publications).
WordPress is distributed under the GPL.
It is developed in PHP, on a MySQL database. It includes a number of APIs and a highly evolved system of plug-ins and portlets, with thousands of extensions available.

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FR Nicolas Reznikoff
Rate this solution the 10/02/2016

“ L’article ne semble plus actualité Depuis la version 4.1 c'est le N°1, On trouve aujourd'hui ce CMS majoritaire sur les sites au top 50 Monde. ”

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FR Nicolas Reznikoff
Rate this solution the 30/06/2015

“ Mon avis se rapporte à la version 4.1 Depuis la version 3 cité dans l'article, Wordpress à considérablement évolué. ”

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FR Zied Ellouze
Rate this solution the 25/09/2014


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