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Bacula is a highly flexible back-up and recovery system developed in 2000 by Kern Sibbald, and now supported by Bacula Systems.

Bacula provides for highly detailed back-up scheduling, in terms of both its calendar and the back-up type (full, incremental or differential). Bacula’s architecture is based on three key components: the Director is the conductor, performing central coordination of the back-up processes; the File Daemon is the agent deployed on each client, in charge of performing the back-up under the Director’s control; and the Storage Daemon interfaces with the storage media. Bacula also implements advanced functionalities used in all effective back-up solutions, such as multi-streaming, multi-plexing, user back-ups, back-up pool management and more.

Bacula is distributed under the GPL and is developed in C/C++. It uses a PostgreSQL or MySQL database.


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