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Drools (or JBoss Rules) is a system for managing business rules that uses a forward chaining inference engine, i.e. a system capable of defining rules and applying them to data (a web application via a graphical interface).

Drools allows for the evolution of rules and constraints without having to alter the associated computer programme. Drools comprises multiple modules: Drools Guvnor, a web admin interface (Business Rules Management System); Drools Expert, a rule engine that executes the rules modelled in Guvnor; Drools Planner, an automated planning engine that works off defined constraints to calculate and suggest solutions; Drools Flow, a workflow engine (information flow modelling); and, finally, Drools Fusion, used to manage business events. It should be noted that the use of the Guvnor module may be relevant when paired with Talend: by using this business rules repository – the aim of which is to create rules then import those rules into Talend – the ETL's business rules are completely outsourced. The tBRMS component developed using Talend provides the interface between these two tools. Further, Drools Guvnor offers the following services: version control and rule deployment, editing of those rules without development, their form of hierarchy and categorisation, as well as their automated deployment.
Drools is distributed under the Apache License.


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“ Note : Guvnor est remplacé par le Drools Workbench. ”

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