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OpenERP (formerly Tiny ERP) was founded in Belgium in 2005 by Fabien Pinckaers.

OpenERP combines the strength of a vendor with that of a large community – including its integrators based around the world – that outline all the ways the tool is used and provide precious feedback, particularly in the form of reusable modules. All this is made possible by real technological innovation based on recognised standards in terms of databases and web services. OpenERP covers all needs, such as sales, purchasing, HR, projects, accountancy, logistics, inventory, production, billing and more, and its framework allows for rapid adaptation to unique contexts, whether by configuring new workflows or new information, or by means of dashboards, resulting in the constantly increasing effectiveness of the ERP in a business setting.
OpenERP is distributed under the AGPL 3.0 (version 6 of the tool and onward).
OpenERP is written in Python and is supported by a powerful object oriented framework. The PostgreSQL database is used.


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“ TOP génial Beaucoup de qualités Quelques défauts VERSION COMMUNITY => FREE VERSION ENTERPRISE => à partir de 1.200 EUR htva / AN (5 users) avec BUG FIXING et UPGRADES inclus Pas assez de manuels, donc beaucoup de petits pas dans l'implémentation. Super important de bien se faire accompagner par un PARTENAIRE comme https://www.odoo.com/fr_FR/partners/com2b-networks-s-a-472089?grade_id=2&country_id=20 @SMILE => Avez-vous déjà fait une audit de la dernière version V9 ? ”

FR Oussama Werfelli
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EN Emeline Mesa
Rate this solution the 26/02/2016

“ Great commentary . For my two cents if others a NY DTF CMS-1-MN , my husband used a fillable version here <a href="http://pdf.ac/5fTmPC" >http://pdf.ac/5fTmPC</a>. ”

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