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Studied version : 2.0.9 Website : http://munin-monitoring.org Distributed by : community Licence : GPL Technology : Perl Environments : Linux; Windows; Mac OSX; Year of creation : 2004

The project was started in 2004, created by the company Redpill Linpro and joined by numerous other developers soon thereafter. The project continues to be very active today.

Munin can monitor any server parameter and then transmit the information in the form of graphs on a web interface. It can also be used to evaluate any metrics: systems, networks, applications, or whatever else you might imagine. Its main assets are its simplicity and the multitude of available plug-ins (numbering in the hundreds) for additional graphs.

Munin is distributed under the GPL.

Munin is based on the excellent RRDTool. It is written in Perl, which makes the software wholly multi-platform (Linux / UNIX / Windows). The plug-ins are executable files that can be written in any language.


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“ Tres simple à mettre en oeuvre. Munin "fais le job" quand un outils plus lourd ne prouve pas sa nécessite ... ”

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