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Studied version : 5.9.0 Website : http://joram.ow2.org Distributed by : Enterprise (ScalAgent) Licence : LGPL Technology : Java Year of creation : 1999

JORAM (Java Open Reliable Asynchronous Messaging) is the middleware created by the consortium Object Web, released in 1999. Object Web is also known for its Java application server, JOnAS, with which JORAM is integrated.

JORAM has an elegant internal architecture based on the agent model. An agent is a software component the responds to certain events. In the case of JORAM, events take the form of messages. Queues and topics are therefore represented by agents. A user connected to the platform is also represented by an agent called a “proxy”. This approach offers a high level of flexibility because it allows for the creation and deletion of agents on the fly and on any broker whatsoever.
The languages by which JORAM can be accessed are: Java (via the JMS interface), C and C++ (using JNI, which can then simulate a JMS environment). All the JORAM's components are available as OSGi bundles, so they can be warm deployed and managed.

JMS 2.0 API is supported. Note that JORAM is the JOnAS default JMS implementation.

JORAM has been distributed under the LGPL since May 2000.


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