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Studied version : 7.8 Website : http://www.onehippo.com - Google Pagerank : 6 Distributed by : Enterprise (OneHippo) Licenses : License2 ; Autre commerciale Technology : Java Year of creation : 1999

Hippo CMS is an open source CMS that is a member of the family of CMSs written in Java. It was created in 1999 by Dutch vendor OneHippo. It is heavily used in the Nordic countries and especially in the Netherlands, and is now beginning to penetrate the French market.

Hippo CMS includes most of the functionalities that one might expect: document model publishing, content creation, multilingualism, templating, publication workflows, multiple sites, content import/export, direct content publishing, etc. The user interface is less extensive than in some of the other products, but it remains ergonomic and functional, and includes most of the expected common functionalities. Starting with version 7.8, Hippo CMS is positioning itself on the CXM segment with advanced targeting functions and real time analyses of user behaviours. Its marketing function can configure "personas", profiles that are automatically assigned to visitors and that personalise the content served to them.
Hippo CMS is distributed under the Apache License 2.0. Two editions are distributed: a Community edition and an Enterprise edition that provides stability, support and a warranty.
Technically well designed, Hippo CMS offers real benefits for the integration of functional needs by developers. Hippo CMS complies with standards (JEE), uses proven tools like Spring, Jackrabbit and Maven, and defines a clear, scalable architecture. These efforts make it easy for developers to take charge of the tool.

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