CERN expands its cloud with OpenStack 13/02/2017

logo CERN

The European centre for particle physics research continues to strengthen its calculation infrastructure on OpenStack, preparing to add some 100,000 calculation cores along with bare metal services. Read more

OroCRM and OroPlatform 2.0 05/01/2017

logo OroCRM

The team developing OroCRM open source customer relationship management has just unveiled the functionalities for the 2.0 version’s major update. What they are delivering: the first landmark stage for integrating the OroCommerce solution with the B2B eCommerce platform and improved interoperability of the platform’s solutions. Read more

Very blurry role for open source software in the Administration 27/10/2016

logo ministère de l'économie et des finances

At a time when the phrase, “public policy evaluation”, has never been so popular, the French Minister of Economy and Finance is struggling to assess the impact of the Ayrault Circular Letter on open source software. Read more

Open source: Report on employment in Europe 10/10/2016

logo Fondation Linux

The recently published Dice/Linux Foundation report on employment in the world of open source software yields two major conclusions: demand for open source skill sets is on the rise, and European companies are struggling to hire experienced professionals. Read more

WordPress still the top target of cyberattacks 26/09/2016

logo Sucuri

Sucuri, a company specializing in IT security, has published its quarterly report Website Hacked Trend examining the second quarter of 2016. WordPress remains the most targeted content manager, largely due to a lack of training of website administrators or their negligence. Read more

Feedback on DevOps 08/09/2016

couverture du livre blanc "DevOps et industrialisation"

For the publication of the white paper on DevOps and industrialization by the experts at the integrator Smile, it is important to recall some key aspects of this methodology that is running full steam ahead. Read more

According to one commissioner of the CNIL (National Computing and Freedom Commission): free software is the "only viable alternative" 26/06/2016

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In an article published in the newspaper "Le Monde", François Pellegrini, IT Technician and commissioner for the CNIL, called for free software to be given priority to ensure the digital sovereignty of the country and more generally, greater consistency of the State's strategy. Read more

The INSEE and the DREES share the code for the Ines model 16/06/2016

logo Insee

Following the provision of the tax calculation engine OpenFisca, the Ines model of the INSEE (French National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies) and the DREES (Research, study, evaluation and statistic management) has in turn been donated to the open source community. Read more

Recruiters looking for open source skill sets 24/05/2016

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The Linux Foundation has unveiled the results of its annual study of employment in the open source sector, which showed high demand for developers and cloud technology skills in particular. Read more

Linux scheduler found inadequate ! 19/05/2016

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An international research team recently proved that, contrary to common opinion, there is room for improvement of the kernel’s scheduling mechanisms, which have not been developed to the level of the technological innovations created for the hardware. Read more