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Studied version : V2 Website : https://github.com/culturecommunication/ginco/ - Google Pagerank : 3 Distributed by : Enterprise (Ministère de la culture et de la communication, ouverture aux contributions sur GitHub.) Licence : GPL Technologies : Other; Javascript Environments : Linux Windows Year of creation : 2013

Ginco is free software solution for the management of vocabularies such as thesaurus, authority lists, taxonomies, etc, created at the initiative of the Ministry of Culture and Communication in 2013.

Ginco implements the principles defined in ISO 25964: Information and documentation - Thesauri and interoperability with other vocabularies published in 2011 and 2012.

Ginco allows the administration and publishing of thesauri and other vocabularies. Among the features are: management of concepts and terms, establishing semantic (hierarchical and associated concepts) and lexical (equivalences between terms) relationships, notes, assignment status (candidate, approved, rejected, obsolete ...), management of groups of concepts, alignment between internal Ginco vocabularies and external vocabularies, alphabetical and hierarchical editions, import / export in SKOS format, SOAP web consulting services.

Ginco is available under CeCILL v2 license and is available on GitHub, via the following address: https://github.com/culturecommunication/ginco

Ginco is a specific J2EE development with AJAX WEB Rich Client (SenchaJS Interface) respecting the RGAA accessibility level (Level AA).

Technical project management (construction, testing) is based on Maven. The project comes with a battery of unit tests.

Relating to data, the PostgreSQL 9.x (data model) and Solr 4.x (Indexing / Search) couple is used.

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Rate this solution the 02/03/2015

“ GINCO est désormais déployé au Ministère de la culture et de la communication. Il permet de gérer près de 50 vocabulaires (thésaurus ou listes d'autorités). Certains d'entre eux ont fait l'objet d'alignements systématiques utilisant les fonctionnalités d'alignement de GINCO. Les exports SKOS sont utilisés pour exposer les vocabulaires sur une plate-forme de diffusion utilisant les technologies du web sémantique. Une communauté d'utilisateurs hors mcc est également en train de se constituer. ”

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Rate this solution the 27/02/2015

“ socle technique standard. Exellente prise en compte de la norme 25964-1. Logiciel open source ”

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FR Christophe TUFFERY
Rate this solution the 29/04/2014
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