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Studied version : 1.5.6 Website : http://razuna.org/ - Google Pagerank : 4 Distributed by : Enterprise (Razuna) Licenses : GPL ; AGPL ; Autre commerciale Technologies : Java; PHP Year of creation : 2011

Razuna is a Digital Asset Management solution developed in Denmark. It has been available since autumn, 2011 and the first release of the business version was in 2012.

The main advantage of Razuna remains in its ease of use and ergonomics. Many export options facilitate the opening of the document database. For example, a widget gives the possibility to integrate part of the folder tree on any HTML page via an 'embed' code and protects it by a login and password. Razuna also has some interesting options for image conversion and transcoding of audio-visual resources. Mass imports and exports can be done through ftp.

Razuna is developed in JAVA and provides opportunities for integration in PHP. The API is open and documented. The publisher offers a SaaS version of the solution.


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EN Patrick Moses
Rate this solution the 20/05/2016

“ We have been using Razuna for three years, and I happened to come by this site and noticed that there was only 1 review. We've been very happy with Razuna. We started our on Razuna 1.5 and we're currently using Razuna 1.8.2, which is a dramatical improvement version compared to 1.5. There is still room for improvement, but from a user standpoint, it's very easy to use and our team member can start using Razuna with a minimum of training on none whatsoever. I strongly recommend. ”


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Download url http://razuna.org/download
Ohloh page https://www.openhub.net/p/razuna

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