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Cacti is based on the metrics solution, RRDTool. It can create a graphic representation of any quantifiable data collected either via network protocols like SNMP or scripts personalised by the user.

It is considered the worthy successor of MRTG and provides a real interface with RRDTool by enabling changes to every aspect of the graphs it generates. Its highly advanced configuration capabilities mean that it is often used as a complement to supervision solutions like Nagios, particularly for the metrics side, in cases where there is heavy, specialised demand.

The community has developed many plug-ins that extend Cacti's functionalities, in some cases beyond mere metrics. Cacti is distributed under the GPL v2.

It operates from a web server equipped with a database and uses the PHP language. Cacti also uses a system of scripts (Bash, PHP, Perl, VBs, etc.) to perform more complex measurements.


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