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Jahia is a Franco-Swiss product created in the 2000s, which occupies a place apart in the world of JEE portals and CMSs.

Jahia’s finishing touches and packaging are impressive. Jahia stands out from other CMSs thanks to its content administration interface, which is merged with the site itself. In functional terms, Jahia is one of the most compete CMS solutions, incorporating multi-site management, versioning, effective workflows, structured data, multilingualism, highly detailed rights management, etc. In particular, version 6.5 saw the arrival of a very user-friendly interface and a very complete template publisher. Version 6.6 has a strong emphasis on mobility.
Jahia makes for an excellent alternative to the portal solutions available from the major proprietary vendors, with the possibility of viewing and modifying its source code (under the GPL for the Community edition), thereby ensuring the tool’s longevity and alignment with real needs on the ground. Jahia also has an Enterprise version available under a commercial licence that provides stability, support and a warranty. In November 2012, Jahia also released Jahia Wise, a collaborative work solution centred on document management.

The next version, Jahia 7, will be released during the Jahia One event, early 2014. This version is focused on digital industrialization, fast deployment and easy reuse.

Jahia is built on JEE technologies: persistence via Hibernate, support for JSR 170 standards, Apache Lucene search engine, support for JSR 168 portlet standards, etc.

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