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Studied version : 2.4.4 Website : http://www.linotp.org Distributed by : Enterprise (LSE Leading Security Experts GmbH) Licence : AGPL Technology : Python

LinOTP is an open source OTP solution maintained by the German company LSE (Leading Security Experts) GmbH.

It is a robust, professional solution that can be integrated with a heterogeneous infrastructure. LinOTP interfaces with all types of tokens that support the HMAC-OTP protocol, as well as with hybrid solutions like MOTP devices. OTP stands for “One-Time Password”: OTPs are passwords generated at a given time, that are valid over a short period of time and only usable once. These passwords are generated thanks to certain hardware, like tokens and even smartphones.
LinOTP is distributed under the AGPL v3. An Enterprise edition is also available.
From a technical standpoint, LinOTP is a server written in Python, with which communications are possible via simple HTTP queries. This means it can be administrated using tools other than those provided as part of the distribution. For example, a custom web interface could be developed and included in a special section of an Intranet site.


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EN Bradley Evans
Rate this solution the 22/07/2016

“ The codebase is alright, but the documentation is absolutely terrible. There's a lot of inferences you have to make if you're doing an even slightly nonstandard installation (by nonstandard, this means an install not specific to Debian). The extent of documentation on the CLI is that it exists, --help is uninformative, and the CLI itself is buggy. Debug messages sometimes consist entirely of just an emoji/smiley and are uninformative. Overall, a mediocre MFA solution. ”