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Pentaho, published by the company of the same name founded in 2004, is a Business Intelligence Suite that distributes functionalities and business intelligence documents to a large number of people.

Pentaho is available in community edition (under LGPL licence) and commercial edition (under proprietary licence).

Pentaho provides all the functionalities of a BI suite:

  • ETL (Pentaho Data Integration);
  • multidimensional analysis (Mondrian OLAP engine, Analyzer interface in the commercial edition, Saiku Analytics plug-in available on the community edition);
  • ad-hoc reporting (development of reports in drag and drop mode based on a data dictionary written in natural language and offering an abstraction) ;
  • enterprise reporting (Pentaho Report Designer or BIRT plugin)
  • dashboards (with Dashboard Designer in the commercial edition and C*tools plugins in the community edition);
  • data mining (Weka).

The analytic and ad-hoc functionnalities from the community edition are less powerful than those from the commercial edition that ships with the Analyzer and Interactive Reporting tools but can be easily extended with additional community plugins such as Saiku (Analytics, Reporting) and the C*tools.

The latest release features a completely redesigned user interface. The ergonomics has been greatly improved and the web application can now easily be accessed on all devices (including tablets) in all editions.


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Rate this solution the 13/09/2013

“ Je note là la version freemium de pentaho qui n'est pas professionnelle. Il faut comparer ce qui est comparable ! ”

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FR sylvain decloix
Rate this solution the 12/09/2013

“ Pentaho est sans nulle doute la solution décisionnelle open source BI la plus cohérente et complète. Dans sa version CE, Pentaho comporte en effet tous maillons d'un système décisionnel, allant de l'ETL (Kettle) jusqu'au serveur BI, en proposant de nombreux types de restitution: rapports, dashboard web, olap, métadonnées Ajoutons à cela l'excellence technique de la plate-forme et notamment la possibilité d'extension fonctionnelle grâce au mécanisme de plugins (serveur BI et Kettle) ”

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