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XWiki was created by Ludovic Dubost in 2004. It is now primarily supported by the company XWiki SAS.

A second generation wiki application, XWiki is used for work collaboration, information sharing and online content publication (structured or unstructured). In additional to standard wiki functionalities (simplified layout, access rights management, collaborative publishing, etc.), it offers the option of performing programming directly on the wiki's pages. It is this possibility that makes it a wiki application, i.e. its adaptability to user needs. XWiki is perfect for building knowledge bases and collaborative intranets and for knowledge monitoring activities.
XWiki is distributed under the LGPL and its community is relatively active.
It is developed in Java using a Hibernate database. The programming languages used within the wiki itself are Velocity and Groovy. It includes a number of APIs and a system of plug-ins and portlets.


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EN Danilo Oliveira
Rate this solution the 01/07/2014

“ I developed Knowledge management project based on XWiki solution in my company. Our aim was to offer a valuable and intuitive tool that could help the users organizer the documentation and information of their projects and departments. It is being a success, the extensibility and its functional scope allowed concentrate all the documentation sharing, blogs, forum, and base knowledge of different areas in the XWiki solution! ”

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FR Stephane machot
Rate this solution the 18/09/2013
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FR Denis Gervalle
Rate this solution the 18/09/2013

“ Nous utilisons XWiki depuis ses débuts, et notre enthousiasme va croissant. XWiki est devenu bien plus qu'un wiki, aujourd'hui, c'est une puissante plateforme pour le développement d'applications en ligne et de site web hautement interactif. Emmené par une communauté de développeurs expérimentés qu'il est enrichissant de fréquenter, XWiki tend vers un niveau qualitatif supérieur à la moyenne des projets open-source, pour une maintenabilité et évolutivité supérieure, motivant la contribution. ”

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Programming Languages Java, XML, JavaScript, 9 Other
Tags webapp blog community dynamic_content knowledge site_management search xhtml wiki programming web document_management database structured enterprise java application collaboration javascript documentation cms rss knowledgebase bliki
Download url http://www.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Main/Download
Ohloh page https://www.openhub.net/p/xwiki

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