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Created in 2002 by Australian Martin Dougiamas (who had previously worked on the proprietary solution WebTC), Moodle is the mostly widely used online learning platform in the world.

It can create and distribute classes and various teaching materials to students, test their knowledge, and foster learning communities using collaborative tools. Its modular approach responds to needs ranging from those of individual trainers to major institutions. Its main functionalities include management of teachers, students and classes, creation of nine types of educational resources, SCORM compatibility, questionnaires, collaborative tools (wikis, forums and blogs), timetables and student supervision.
Moodle is supported by active communities of practice that contribute to its development. It is distributed under the GPL. Authorised service companies offer various services such as hosting, module creation, etc.
Moodle is a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) application. It also runs on UNIX, Linux, FreeBSD, Windows, Mac OS X, NetWare, and more, with PostgreSQL, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases.


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“ Après avoir eu l'impression d'être dans une "usine à gaz", mais en m'obligeant à découvrir la bête, je trouve Moodle tout simplement impressionnant ! La communauté qui fais vivre ce CMS est très active et solide, toujours initiatrice de nouveautés. Chaque année est organisé un congrès (en général rondement mené...) qui permet une vraie réflexion sur l'utilisation et les améliorations à apporter. ”

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