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TYPO3 is the fruit of several years of labour by a Danish guru by the name of Kasper Skårhøj. Since its relase, late 2000, a very active community has assembled and ensures the development of CMS.

In terms of ready to use functionalities, TYPO3 is one of the richest CMS tools on the market. It offers just about everything one might want, all of which is nicely polished and with very few limitations: rights and contribution management, caching, authorisations, templates and more. TYPO3's major strength lies in its expandability. An extension can add a series of functionalities to TYPO3, but it can also modify a previously integrated functionality without altering TYPO3’s source code, thus maintaining its compatibility with future versions. The last version 6.x has better ergonomics, offers a powerful file management allowing the use of external cloud and other storage options (Amazon S3, Dropbox etc.) and includes a new extensions manager enabling the use of Flow packages and dependency management through Composer. Another new feature, definitely mobile oriented, the Responsive Images automatically adapt their displays to the target. Last but not least, the quality of the code has been further enhanced, with more than 5,000 automated tests performed and PHP 5.5 compatibility.

TYPO3 is a 100% community based solution published under the GPL.
TYPO3 is written in PHP and uses a MySQL database.


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FR Christophe DUHAMEL
Rate this solution the 14/03/2016

“ Je ne comprends pas que Smile note mieux Drupal que TYPO3 en ce qui concerne la qualité du socle technique ?!? Ok TYPO3 à une courbe d'apprentissage assez rude, mais le code est extrêmement propre et sécurisé et surtout pas besoin de refaire son site comme avec Drupal si on veut mettre à jour d'une version majeur vers une autre ! J'ai récemment mis à jour un TYPO3 4.2 (très ancien) vers une 6.2 presque sans problème ! ”

5 persons have the same opinion
Rate this solution the 13/12/2015

“ Un CMS qui a beaucoup évolué ces dernières années. La version 7.6 est très aboutie et en fait l'un des meilleurs CMS ”

11 persons have the same opinion
FR Patrick Larrivé
Rate this solution the 25/09/2014


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