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Studied version : 1.3.10 Website : http://www.tightvnc.com - Google Pagerank : 6 Distributed by : Other (GlavSoft LLC) Licence : GPL Technologies : Java; C/C++ Environments : Linux Windows Year of creation : 2001

TightVNC is a set of tools that implements the VNC protocol.

This protocol provides for remote graphic displays via another network protocol, RFB (Remote Frame Buffer). It is a very widespread protocol used in graphical computer administration, user support, etc. TightVNC is therefore defined as a remote control and online administration programme that can be used on any computer, irrespective of the operating system.

TightVNC has been available since 2001 under the GPL v2. It should be noted that there are two branches of parallel developments:

  • version 1.3, compatible with Windows and Linux/UNIX;
  • version 2.0, compatible only with Windows, providing additional functionalities like SSH tunnelling and better performance on Windows.

TightVNC is developed in C/C++ but also comes with a VNC Viewer developed in Java.


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