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Studied version : 1.7.1 Website : http://www.prototypejs.org Distributed by : community Licence : MIT Technology : Javascript Year of creation : 2005

Prototype is a JavaScript library created by Sam Stephenson in 2005 in order to add Ajax support to the Ruby on Rails framework.

Over and above its simplification of cross-browser and Ajax oriented development, Prototype's goal is to enrich the JavaScript language and the DOM by attaching additional components and functionalities. In this way, JavaScript development with Prototype brings in a number of traditional object oriented programming concepts that are absent from standard JavaScript (constructors, legacy objects, etc.). It should however be noted that DOM expansion has raised a number of issues and is currently being withdrawn from the library.
Prototype is distributed under the MIT License.
Prototype is written in JavaScript and is compatible with the vast majority of browsers, including Internet Explorer 6.


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Programming Languages JavaScript, 3 Other
Tags ui javascript dom framework js web programming toolkit development ajax json
Download url http://prototypejs.org/download
Ohloh page https://www.openhub.net/p/prototype