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OroCRM it's a new Customer Relationship Management platform fully targeted at e-commerce and marketing teams with a multichannel prespective. It started its development in 2013 and the first stable 1.0 release is expected in early 2014. Its founders are Jary Carter and Yoav Kutner, who were VP of Sales and CTO of Magento respectively.

OroCRM features all the needed functionalities for managing a customer experience and is built to be extensible and easy to integrate in e-commerce platforms (like Magento) or other solutions. This young solution helps manage B2C relationships in a way that other products have not yet reached and also adds flexibility in workflow management for opportunities which is a very needed feature in multi-channel environments.

OroCRM is based on OroPlatform (based in Symfony2) which should help the community in contributing and extending the solution in the future. OroCRM is licensed on OSL (Open Software License).  

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